This is a list of upcoming journal calls for the music technology community. To contribute to this list, see the instructions in the about page.

Journal calls

JournalSpecial issueSubmission date
Frontiers in Robotics and AI Sound Source Localization in Mobile Robots Nov 5, 2021
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society Audio Filter Design Nov 1, 2021
Electronics Machine Learning Applied to Music/Audio Signal Processing Aug 31, 2021
Applied Sciences Statistical Models for Music Prediction and Generation Jun 30, 2021
Applied Sciences Applications of Machine Learning in Audio Classification and Acoustic Scene Characterization Jun 30, 2021
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech and Music Processing Data-Based Spatial Audio Processing Jun 15, 2021
Applied Science Advances in Computer Music May 31, 2021
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society Internet of Sounds Mar 29, 2021
Transactions of ISMIR AI and Musical Creativity Feb 28, 2021
Multimodal Technologies and Interaction Musical Interactions Jan 20, 2021
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