2022 Journal calls

JournalSpecial issueSubmission date
Computer Music Journal Musical Interactivity in Human-AI and AI-AI Partnerships Dec 31, 2022
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality Oct 3, 2022
Music and Science Explaining music with AI - Advancing the scientific understanding of music through computation Oct 1, 2022
Applied Sciences Advances in Music Informatics Sep 30, 2022
Organized Sound Live Coding Sonic Creativities Sep 15, 2022
Mathematics Mathematics and Computation in Music Jul 31, 2022
Algorithms Machine Understanding of Music and Sound Jun 30, 2022
Sensors Machine Learning-Based Audio Signal Processing via the Use of Sensors May 31, 2022
ACM Transactions on Human-Robot Interaction Special Issue on Sound in Human-Robot Interaction May 1, 2022
EURASIP Journal on Audio, Speech and Music Processing Recent advances in computational sound scene analysis Apr 1, 2022
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society Expanding Frontiers of Web Audio Mar 18, 2022
Interaction Studies Vocal Interactivity in‐and‐between Humans, Animals and Robots Mar 1, 2022
Journal of the Audio Engineering Society New Trends in Audio Effects Feb 1, 2022
Frontiers in Signal Processing Recent Advances in Audio Source Separation Jan 17, 2022